CANADIAN MADE is a new 14-episode TV series about Canada’s tradition of invention, innovation and discovery.

Each half-hour episode of CANADIAN MADE explores the inspiring historic, scientific and human stories behind three inventions that, together, reflect an aspect of the Canadian character. Delightfully creative in both style and substance, CANADIAN MADE weaves a dizzying array of documentary, animation, skits, recreations and computer graphics into a view of Canada that is amazing, exhilarating and sure to inspire pride.

The 14 shows in CANADIAN MADE’s debut season were shot in every part of the country and with some of its most ingenious citizens.

Created by filmmaker Kevin McMahon (Waterlife, Cod: The Fish That Changed The World) and produced by the multi-award winning team at Primitive Entertainment (The National Parks Project, A Hard Name, Ancestors in the Attic), CANADIAN MADE is narrated by voice chameleon Rick Miller (The Mulroney Opera, MacHomer), scored by the ever-inventive Kurt Swinghammer (Turpentine Wind) and directed by some of Canada’s finest young directors.

During the summer of 2011 I did a guest appearance on "Canadian Made". I was contacted by Primitive Entertainment early 2011 in regards to the biography I wrote about Charles Fenerty. I had loads of fun, and I so wish to do another! The photos above show me on the set of “Canadian Made” with the director Buffy Childerhose. I will appear in the episode titled, “Foresting: Totem poles, newsprint and the water bomber” (Written and Directed by Buffy Childerhose).
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